Anna G | Studio Session

I have lived on my own for the past 6 months. Now, I’m getting ready to move literally next door with my best friend. I have been so blessed to be able to survive on my own LOL.

Instead of semesters, I live my life in seasons. My season in the studio is over and I’m preparing to live with my best friend for the next 6 months of until I get married. Here’s a fun fact: My sweet boyfriend, Benjamin, is moving into the studio I am moving out of! So we are all so excited. My studio has a large window that lets in all of the light when the sun is out. I wake up every morning content and ready for the day when light pours into my home. I’ve been in a creative rut lately, so Anna reached out to me for portraits. It was such a dream.

In my 6 months of living on my own, I have worked with Anna at Indie Film Lab. She is just as passionate about photography, especially film photography and she is so creative with it. Her work is just as fantastic as her personality. Anna is a hard worker with two jobs. We both love cats, peppermint tea, and photographing beautiful people.

I always say the weirdest things when I’m photographing, so I told Anna she had very sharp features and very nice face bones HAHAHA. But really, I love photographing exquisite people, people who really stick out. You use what they have to offer to create. It works with every form of art. I have trouble with finding places to photograph or switching things up in my work, but all you can really do is use what you have around you. Anna, thanks for being a great listener and having a lovely heart.