In the world of photography, there’s a timeless allure to shooting on film. Anna and AJ’s beach engagement film session beautifully embodies the essence of this medium. Film photography holds a certain magic, an irreplaceable quality that lends itself to capturing moments in a way that digital photography often cannot replicate. Choosing film for your […]

A vintage wedding celebration Today, I get to share with you the story of Mary Grace and Elliot’s vintage wedding celebration. As a destination photographer, there are moments when you step into someone’s world and instantly feel the magic unfolding. Mary Grace and Elliot’s wedding was one of those moments—a blend of vintage charm, heartfelt […]

family at Penton Farms Pumpkin Patch in Alabama

Little did I know that this pumpkin patch would become a yearly tradition for this soon-to-be family of four.

a Naples, Florida engagement session on 35mm and medium format film

The setting of an in-home session adds a personal touch to the photographs.